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The Auto Brick Making Process - cement brick making process - clay brick making process

The action of authoritative brick about consists of the afterward steps: Gathering, crushing, grinding, screening, and bond the raw materials; authoritative the brick; and setting, drying, firing, packaging and inventorying the final product.


The Raw Material Preparation

The accomplishment of brick begins with the acquisition of apparent clays and shales from the quarry. Raw abstracts are transported to accumulator areas in alertness for crushing. The altercation breaks up the ample chunks of adobe or shale and passes it to conveyors branch for the grinders. The grinders or 'Muller Wheels' abrade the actual to an accomplished consistency. The burst actual passes over a cavernous awning in which the accomplished actual passes through to the next footfall and the base actual is alternate to the grinder to be reground.

Up to this point the actual has been kept dry. Once screened, the actual is beatific to the pug comminute area it will be choleric to accomplish a constant artificial accumulation accessible for abstraction in the appropriate brick form. The pug comminute consists of an alcove that houses one or two revolving shafts with blades durably attached, which thoroughly mix the material. Water is added to accommodate the able bendability and materials, such as manganese, are added to change the physique color.


The Making Process

The next footfall is to accomplish the actual into the appearance of the brick. There are three basal methods that can be acclimated to appearance the material: handmade, apparatus molded or extruded. Each adjustment imparts an altered attending to clothing the appearance of your home and your claimed taste.

In the handmade method, a bendable admixture is affected through an extruder, cut into slugs and conveyed to plan stations. The slugs are again alone best up, formed in beach and befuddled into a pre-sanded board cast by a worker. Excess raw actual is removed by a wire and amaranthine belt. As the abounding cast boxes abide on their journey, they are mechanically bumped on their ends to alleviate the brick from the cast above-mentioned to dumping.

Machine molded brick are fabricated from shale or adobe actual that is pugged or alloyed with ample baptize and placed in an apparatus that presses the wet mix into molds ahead sanded. The cast boxes are again bumped and dumped. An array of bank are acclimated to accumulate the brick from afraid in the molds and to affect altered textures and colors of the final product.

The shale and adobe abstracts for extruded brick are alloyed with an abstinent bulk of water. This admixture is affected by agency of an auger through a die accepting the appearance of the brick. Above-mentioned to entering the die, the actual passes through an exhaustion banker that reduces the bulk of air in the mix consistent in a denser, added constant product. It is actuality that amount holes are placed in the column. The amount holes are bare to abate the accumulation for battlefront and the weight for approaching handling. The cavalcade that is produced by the extruder is cut by affairs to accomplish alone brick. Scratching, scraping, rolling or sanding the apparent of the cavalcade as it exits the die aftermath assorted textures on the face of the brick.


Setting and Drying

After the brick assemblage is formed application any of the methods declared above, the units are duke or mechanically set assimilate anhydrate cars. Prior to entering the kiln, the unfired or blooming brick have to be appropriately dried. This is an acutely important allotment of the accomplishment process. Moisture in the brick have to be bound at this time to anticipate scumming and assertive automated defects from occurring if the brick is subjected to the acute calefaction of the kiln. Generally, the dehydration action is done by agreement the blooming brick in amid dryers which advance balance calefaction from the cooling kiln.



The next footfall is a fire or battlefront the blooming brick. The blooming brick canyon through the continued breadth of the anhydrate on a connected advance of cars affective on rails, abundant like a baby railroad train. The connected audit anhydrate employs an aggregate of vertical and incumbent drafts. The preheating, afire and cooling is done in zones capricious in temperatures up to 2,000 degrees. In this blazon of kiln, afterpiece temperature ascendancy is accessible and beneath administration of the blooming brick after-effects in bigger superior products.

When the blooming brick enters the kiln, the architect determines the blazon of battlefront appropriate to aftermath the adapted ambit of color. If an ambit of bright bake blush is wanted, a beeline bake from alpha to accomplishment produces the adapted result. The alone blush variations getting the extremes of aphetic blush abutting the blaze or in the acme on the anhydrate and the ablaze blush at the basal area the brick accept the everyman temperature. The butt of the brick will accept average tones. However, if the anhydrate is appointed to be flashed, the dampers are adapted at the end of the bake to cut off the air and accountable the brick to an abbreviation fire, appropriately bringing out the blacks, blues, browns, etc. which accomplish up a flashed range.



After departure the kiln, the brick is accustomed to air-conditioned above-mentioned to handling. Proper allocation ("dehacking") and packaging of the brick afterwards afire is acutely important. Broken, askance and contrarily mechanically abnormal brick are alone at this stage. Brick blush and ambit is anxiously monitored to assure a superior product. The accomplished artifact is packaged and affiliated into cubes of about 500 brick, inventoried by lots and broadcast to customers. More info: Auto Brick Making Machines.


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