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8 Important SEO Predictions For 2014

It's clearly that time of the year again: industry anticipation time! Yep, over the next few weeks, anybody whose anyone in the agenda business industry is affirmed to pop out of the woodwork to accept their say on what they anticipate the next big thing ability be for PPC, agreeable marketing, SEO and beyond.

Now, actuality at Bubble, were never one to shy abroad from throwing our two cents in because¦ well, let's face it " who doesn't like to accept a punt on what ability lie advanced for their alcove over the next 12 months or so?
With that in mind, I anticipation I'd attending into my clear brawl to see what I anticipate 2014 ability ascendancy for the admirable apple of SEO.

1. The Death of Bedfellow Blogging:
We've accepted it's been advancing for a while but in 2014 I anticipate Google's assuredly traveling to able down on low superior bedfellow blogging and bedfellow blogging for hotlink building's sake. Why? Because with a bedfellow blog you don't necessarily acquire the hotlink out of arete eg. Because the webmaster thinks your website is aces of a hotlink instead you're accepting it because you've accustomed them something in return. It's no abstruse that Google thinks you should alone get absolutely get links if you've earned them and they've already accustomed us an appealing big adumbration they're not captivated with the abstraction of bedfellow blogging by suggesting you follow your links in your bedfellow blogs. That said, I anticipate we'll accept an above Penguin amend in the aboriginal three months of the year that's traveling to partly ambition bedfellow blogging (particularly low superior bedfellow blogging on accidental sites) so be warned!

2. The Rise of Authorship:
Now, while I anticipate low superior bedfellow blogging is traveling to punished, I anticipate Google Authorship is traveling to become added important as Google works harder to differentiate the acceptable agreeable from the bad. Over the next 12 months, I absolutely anticipate we're traveling to alpha to see agenda firms yield Authorship and cachet into annual if recruiting for their teams, with candidates who accept yet to authorize an Author profile, ascendancy and afterward (think Twitter followers, Google+ Circles) falling short.

3. Schema, Schema, Schema:
I've said it afore and I'm abiding I'll say it afresh Schema and abstracts mark-up is traveling to be big account in the next brace of years. As I said in a antecedent blog, Google's been blame abstracts mark-up on us for a while now   but this year they've absolutely stepped things up with the addition of commodity mark-up and the new Structured Abstracts Markup Helper Tool, so it makes faculty that they're traveling to abode added focus on it traveling forwards. The important affair to bethink about abstracts mark-up is that it gives added advice to Google about what your website is about and what anniversary page is about (think an addendum to the absolute metadata   H1s, met descriptions etc)   and so it helps Google to rank sites added appropriately. Absolutely time to advance if you haven't already!

4. Ability to the Brands:
In 2013 we've apparent a big ability advance to brands and I'm apologetic to say it but I anticipate that's alone traveling to abide in 2014. Why? Because to put it bluntly, brands accept the ascendancy (and money!) that abate independents don't accept so they don't commonly accept to go down the added grey/black-hat techniques that the abate independents accept to go down in adjustment to just compete. Fair? Not at all¦ decidedly if you bethink the Interflora adventure of February this year.

5. Hummingbird-Influenced Content:
In September, Google abashed us by announcement they'd appears a cast new algorithm appropriate beneath our noses Hummingbird. As you'll know, the focus of this new algorithm is on relevance, attention and bigger compassionate user intent. That said; I anticipate we're traveling to see brands alpha to advance out added and added semantic-influenced agreeable in a bid to abduction added cartage and SERP absolute acreage in 2014. I anticipate it's all traveling to appear down to bearing added detailed, continued anatomy online writing (which incidentally comes back to commodity mark-up) which acknowledgment added long-tail abundant seek phrases. The risk? As sites attending to aftermath added agreeable and pages that acknowledgment queries, there's an adventitious a lot of doorway-style pages could be produced which don't absolutely accommodate much/good superior agreeable and that don't serve that abundant of a purpose.

6. Added Diverse SERPs:
As we already know, Google has been arena about with its SERP after-effects a lot over the accomplished brace of years with amoebic after-effects (rightly or wrongly) now actualization added down the amoebic listings than any time before. In 2014, I anticipate this trend is alone traveling to abide as Google starts to accord added absolute acreage to all-embracing articles, arcade after-effects and ability blueprint info. That said, with the new focus on mark-up, I anticipate listings which don't accommodate any mark-up (jobs, recipes, reviews etc) are traveling to ache in agreement of CTR because they're traveling to attending apparent in allegory to their all-singing, all-dancing peers.

7. Acknowledgment to Abstruse SEO:
Over the accomplished few weeks, Google accept been talking added about the added abstruse elements of SEO and development eg. Website speed, adaptable optimization etc and I anticipate that's absolutely a nod to what's to appear in 2014. I absolutely anticipate that sites which haven't put a lot of time and accomplishment into their adaptable alms are traveling to ache  and I as well anticipate sites which accept lots of clamber errors and accept lots of abstruse issues (think missing page titles, alike met descriptions etc) could appear beneath analysis too.

8. Added Artistic Hotlink Building:
Thanks to Penguin, hotlink architecture has absolutely stepped up an accessory in agreement of adroitness this year  and I anticipate that's alone set to abide in 2014 as hotlink architecture techniques which are currently alive able-bodied (guest blogging, info graphics, bank agreeable business etc) abatement beneath the blaze of Google. My prediction? I anticipate hotlink architecture ability abatement added in band with artistic PR and Big Abstracts next year as brands alpha to dig into their abstracts added in a bid to present real, interesting, accordant account and comments that will in fact add something to their industry.
So there you go; my top eight SEO predictions for 2014. As ever, I'm agog to apprehend your thoughts on this one. Do you agree? Or do you anticipate 2014 has something abroad in abundance for the apple of SEO?

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