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Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service in USA

The Ooma Telo allows you to alarm anywhere in the U.S. for chargeless - afterwards acquirement of the Ooma Telo all you pay is applicative taxes and fees. The Telo is simple to set up and even easier to use. Artlessly affix the accessory to your accelerated Internet and again to your absolute phone. You don't charge to use a computer or abrasion a angle to accomplish and accept calls. In fact, your blast will plan as it consistently has, just after the cher account bills. With the Ooma Telo, you'll be calling and extenuative money aural minutes.

Ooma Telo - Free Calls in the US

Free Calls in the U.S. and Low All-embracing Rates. 

With its glassy architecture and added calling features, the alone affair that's not absorbing about the Ooma Telo is the amount tag. The Ooma Telo allows you to adore chargeless calls aural the United States and low all-embracing rates, consistent in accumulation on your buzz bills.

Easy Installation with Your Absolute Phones

The Ooma Telo has been advised for automatic and simple installation: artlessly affix it to your router and your absolute home telephone. A lot of barter are affiliated and authoritative calls in beneath than 15 minutes. If you've got any questions, the Ooma abutment website is loaded with dozens of articles, diagrams, tips, and affable help.

15 minute setup

Get Accord of Apperception with 911 Alerts

Going out shouldn't be could could cause for affair if you leave your kids with a aide or if you're caring for a admired one. Gain some accord of apperception with 911 Alerts. If anyone dials 911 from your Ooma phone, we'll anon forward a argument bulletin to your corpuscle buzz absolution you know. You'll instantly be alerted that there's a problem, and can acknowledge to the bearings appropriately.

Port Your Absolute Phone Number

For a ancient fee, Ooma gives you the advantage of application your accepted blast number. If you adopt to change numbers, you can accept a new amount in about any calling breadth in the US at no added cost.

Exclusive Web Portal

My Ooma is the online command centermost for your Ooma system. You can analysis your voicemail and alarm logs, configure your preferences, upload your Contact List, amend your 911 abode and abundant more. Admission My Ooma anytime and anywhere that you accept an Internet connection, even from your adaptable smartphone.

Ooma PureVoice HD

Crisp, Bright Articulation Superior with No Alone Calls

PureVoice HD technology allows Ooma to bear bright audio even if abominable calling altitude exist. It includes:

Advanced Articulation Compression: Ooma uses an avant-garde articulation compression algorithm that consumes over 60% beneath bandwidth than accepted VoIP technology. That leaves you with added bandwidth for your added online activities, and increases the likelihood that your articulation cartage will be delivered.

Wire-speed Superior of Service: Even admitting Ooma uses alone a atom of the bandwidth of accepted VoIP technology, those packets charge to admission after adjournment for optimal quality. The Ooma Telo prioritizes articulation packets after slowing down the blow of your network. This way you can adore bright bright calls even as you're uploading your latest video clips.

Adaptive Redundancy: Arrangement packet accident is the adversary of VoIP - alone packets can could could cause articulation to complete stuttered or garbled. The Ooma Telo detects packet accident on your Internet affiliation and automatically sends bombastic packets to addition the accuracy of your buzz call.

Encrypted Calls: Ooma takes your aloofness seriously. We advantage the aforementioned encryption technology that governments use to assure classified abstracts to assure your conversations. This makes Ooma even added defended than the acceptable landline.

High Definition Technology: HD Articulation technology doubles the allegiance of your buzz calls by capturing alert the accent advice of a accepted articulation alarm (yes, that even includes your landline). If you and the added addition both use an Ooma Telo Handset or added HD accordant phone, your articulation will complete added accustomed than ever.

Ooma Telo Opened Up
Sophisticated Technology Meets Elegant Design

The Ooma Telo is a small, always-on, network-managed, defended Linux computer arranged with processing adeptness to accumulate your calls bright and reliable.

Ooma is a abounding router able of prioritizing articulation abstracts and administering cartage to ensure the a lot of reliable buzz service. Appearance include:

USB anchorage supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth accessories and provides approaching amplification opportunities.

Built-in apostle provides you the adeptness to awning calls above-mentioned to answering.

Touch acute keypad provides one-touch admission to Voicemail and added frequently acclimated features.

Built-in DECT 6.0 supports alternative Ooma HD2 Handsets and Ooma Linx limited buzz jacks for superb sound, aegis and range.

Built-in bifold 450 MHz processors and 1Gbyte non-volatile anamnesis provides the adeptness for Ooma PureVoiceTM, including HD Articulation and Adaptive Redundancy for a added accustomed aural articulation after abashed or interruption.

What's in the Box

The amalgamation contains an Ooma Telo device, an Ethernet cable, an AC adapter, and Quick Start Guide.

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