Monday, August 8, 2011

My daily income is $600, it may be yours.

I was looking for a good work through outsourcing sites. After a long time of 6 months, I have got no work and I was faded up. In that circumstances I had got a link in a social bookmarking site which has turned my life path to a bright runway. I started Forex trading with Hot Forex with only $5 under Hot Forex micro account scheme and I had profited $37 in 1st week, $87 in 2nd week, $168 in 3rd week, $374 in 4th week. That profit was been increased day by day. Now, in my 3rd month of trading experience, my average daily income is $600 per day.
At the very beginning I was in tense that if I lost my capital. But, after trading period of 1 month I got confidence that I Could.

I am sharing this information, because, I want all my friends not to wast time for other jobs or looking for jobs, while they can earn a huge amount of money investing only $5. The link I had got from a social bookmarking site is mentioned here for my friends and this is : Hot Forex.

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